Presentation Masterclass - High Performing Student

The art of public speaking.

No matter what career your students choose to pursue, becoming an excellent communicator will help.  According to this Forbes article, sixty-five percent of recruiters and hiring managers say strong written or spoken communication skills are more important in an entry-level job applicant than their college major.

Sam has presented to over 200 audiences since the age of 17.  From top producing realtors and school board superintendents to high school students and disengaged youth – he’s learned a lot and will share it all with your students in this masterclass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this program?

This masterclass is facilitated over two sixty-minute sessions, each session one week apart.  Please let us know what length/dates you’re looking for and we will let you how we can accommodate your needs.

Why is Sam credible to teach this?

Sam has delivered over 200 presentations around North America, is the youngest board member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and delivered two TEDx talks before the age of 20.  His professional speaking experience mixed with his young age will leave a lasting impact on your students.

Are students given the opportunity to present?

Yes, although it can be adjusted according to your needs.  Typically, the first session is in-depth training and the second session is a practical test where your students have a chance to present a 3-minute speech using the skills and tools they learned.

Will students earn a certificate for this program?

Yes.  Your students will earn a certificate of completion and a Specialist High Skills Major certificate if you’re in Ontario.  This masterclass was built with the Specialist High Skills Major program in mind and is also applicable to anyone looking to learn more about improving their presentation skills.

How can we continue the conversation after you leave?

Public speaking and communication is a skill your students can always improve on.  To keep the conversation going you can facilitate weekly classroom speeches,  join a speaking group or leverage The High Performing Student Podcast with over 180 episodes.  Teachers use it often along with the free lesson plan on our podcast page.

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  • Jesse ZumsteinJesse ZumsteinCollege Student

    "I was one of the lucky recipients who received access to your program. I wish I had someone like you when I was back in high school, but having your resources now is incredible."

  • Rayed WasifRayed WasifUniversity Student

    "I have never seen a room full of students that engrossed in a talk given at this university. Every person in the room dropped what they were doing and was mesmerized."