Career Keynote Speeches - High Performing Student

There is no set path.

The pressure placed on your students to choose the right courses, pick a career and find a “good-paying job” stops people from building a life that excites them.

Born in 1999, Sam opted not to take the university path, which makes his story unique.  This program reminds your students that there is no timeline or set path, and instead to explore all possible pathways with planning, determination and grit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this program?

The keynote speech is customized to fit your needs and can range from 45-90 minutes.  Please let us know what length you’re looking for and we will let you how we can accommodate your needs.

Does Sam endorse opting out of post-secondary?

No.  Sam shares his story to display that when it comes to careers, there is no one size fits all.  He encourages students to reverse engineer where they would like to be in 5-10 years and find the path that will help them get there.  Sometimes this does not include post-secondary education.

Can Sam facilitate addition sessions after the keynote?

Yes.  He delivers a full-day or half-day career development program called the High Performing Student.  If you’re looking for more content please let us know and we will let you know how we can help.  

How can we continue the conversation after you leave?

The keynote speech is a phenomenal way to start the conversation about careers and provide a unique perspective.  To keep it going you can leverage The High Performing Student Podcast with over 180 episodes.  Teachers use it often along with the free lesson plan on our podcast page.

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  • Jesse ZumsteinJesse ZumsteinCollege Student

    "I was one of the lucky recipients who received access to your program. I wish I had someone like you when I was back in high school, but having your resources now is incredible."

  • Rayed WasifRayed WasifUniversity Student

    "I have never seen a room full of students that engrossed in a talk given at this university. Every person in the room dropped what they were doing and was mesmerized."